Inspirato Reviews: See What Real Members Have to Say

With a community of more than 14,000 members, we’re proud to have so many positive Inspirato reviews from actual members. But before we get into our rave member reviews, let’s first dive into what Inspirato offers and who can benefit from our luxury travel subscriptions. We will also help to debunk some of the common misconceptions about Inspirato by providing real member feedback.

What is Inspirato?

Inspirato is a luxury hospitality company that offers travel subscriptions in 150+ premier destinations around the world. We deliver an exclusive collection of branded, luxury vacation homes, hotels, resorts, as well as members-only cruises and experiences.

Inspirato reviews by real members featuring a luxury rental in Costa Rica.
Inspirato has two travel subscriptions to choose from—Club and Pass—that all include access to luxury vacation rentals and first-class service with a team of dedicated hospitality experts.

Inspirato members receive more than just remarkable luxury vacations in beautiful destinations around the world—their families become part of an exclusive travel community of likeminded people. Through Inspirato Only experiences and member events—including private culinary and wine pairings, as well as virtual cooking classes—members enjoy the perks of travel beyond their subscription where they can meet new people, grow their mindset, and expand their horizons (literally and figuratively).

How much does Inspirato cost, and how does Inspirato work?

We offer two ways to enjoy exclusive luxury vacations:

1. Inspirato Club is the perfect travel subscription if you prefer to plan a few amazing vacations each year. Travel as much or as little as you’d like, paying nightly rates as you go. Browse the trip list, and book a luxury stay with the help of your dedicated Care team.

Inspirato pricing breakdown:

  • $650 enrollment fee
  • $650/month subscription fee (does not include nightly rates, taxes, and fees)
  • No long-term commitment, cancel any time

2. Inspirato Pass lets you enjoy even more flexibility and value with your monthly subscription. Now better than ever with numerous improvements, Pass lets you travel frequently and have flexibility on when and where you can go.

Inspirato pricing breakdown:

  • $2,550 enrollment fee
  • $2,550/month subscription fee (all nightly rates, taxes, and fees included)
  • Includes Inspirato Club membership
  • Use Pass Days for lifestyle merchandise and local experiences through Inspirato’s Beyond Travel program
  • No long-term commitment, cancel any time

Learn more about how to use Inspirato Pass and how Inspirato Pass Days work.

Inspirato luxury vacation rental in Beaver Creek, Colorado in the winter.
No matter the subscription, all Inspirato members receive a team of luxury travel experts to help with booking and reservation needs—delivering first-class service from a dedicated Care team. Plus, all trips within the Inspirato Collection include an on-site concierge, daily housekeeping, and pre-arrival grocery delivery.

Common misconceptions about Inspirato, debunked

Misconception #1: Inflated pricing

With a monthly fee of $2,550 for Inspirato Pass, you may ask, ‘Is Inspirato Pass worth it?‘. We know our subscribers want to get the best value from their subscription. There are numerous positive Inspirato reviews from real members that are genuinely happy with the value and savings they receive from their subscription. Take it from Christine Zheng, an Inspirato Pass member since August 2020, who has managed to make the most of her subscription by taking more than 20 trips in a year. Or take it from Passholder, Troy Shay, who has taken 27 Inspirato trips in just one year.

I calculate the rate of all the hotels and homes I’ve booked with Inspirato compared to their value on the open market. In six months, I paid about $30,000 for 13 trips with Inspirato, but check this out: They were valued at $120,000. It’s just phenomenal.
Christine Zheng

When I’m booking now, I know every place is going to be amazing, so I don’t specify a location. I just start by specifying the dates I’m available. Then I see all of these different places—some hotels some homes. Then I go by the estimated value (of Pass Days) or number of guests and select the trip that works best for us
Troy Shay

This 2023 Inspirato Pass review from Pass members, Phil and Erin Lockwood, reveals real pricing breakdowns from two recent Inspirato stays at Newport Coast’s The Resort at Pelican Hill and Fort Lauderdale’s Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach, showcasing the incredible value they get through their Pass membership. For Pelican Hill, they write, “Book it through Pelican Hill and it will set you back almost $40k for those same 5 nights. We ‘paid’ just under $2,500 (29 Inspirato Pass days) through Inspirato. That’s about 94% below retail.”

Cost breakdown provided on their website:

They then go on to say, “just 5 days later—we’re spending 13 nights in a 1,200 square foot oceanfront high-rise residence in the Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach.” The Lockwoods were able to get 85% off retail pricing by booking the trip with their Inspirato Pass membership.

Here’s the cost breakdown provided on their website:

Misconception #2: Unfavorable cancellation policy

Inspirato’s cancellation policies are designed to help you book with confidence. Although our policies vary based on each subscription, there are no long-term commitments, and cancellation is available at any time. Tim White, author of the Milepro travel blog and real Inspirato Pass member, does a very nice job of explaining the cancellation policies for each Inspirato service in layman’s terms. You can also see the cancellation policies through the Inspirato website or contact us directly for any additional questions you may have.

Misconception #3: One reservation at a time

Inspirato Club gives you the flexibility to reserve as many trips as you’d like. And, although this is also true for Inspirato Pass, there is one caveat. Since Inspirato Pass trips are “paid for” with the 370 Inspirato Pass Days allotted per year (instead of cash up front), members will need to be strategic on how they want to use them.

Each time a Pass reservation is made, members decide how many Pass Days they’d like to use on that specific trip—it all depends on how far out they book and how many Pass Days a trip is worth (see the Inspirato Pass section above for more info on the Pass subscription and how Pass Days work). So, once the reservation is booked, they will need to wait until their Pass is active again to make another Pass reservation.

Many Inspirato members have purchased more than one Pass subscription to give them even more freedom in booking trips with Pass.

Misconception #4: Limited variety of properties

Inspirato prides itself on offering luxury accommodations in over 150 destinations around the world—with over one million trips to choose from. As the semi-nomadic Inspirato Pass lovers, Phil and Erin Lockwood, put it, “We’ve already traveled through Inspirato to Belize, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and the British Virgin Islands, as well as Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, San Miguel de Allende, Punta Mita, and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico—but those are just a fraction of Inspirato’s footprint in the region.”

See below for a highly detailed map showcasing the many luxury properties around the world within the Inspirato Collection. FYI: This map will change as we continuously add more properties and destinations for our members to enjoy each year.

In addition to the 700+ accommodations offered in the Inspirato Collection, we must also highlight the additional experiences available to Inspirato members around the globe. With over 150 highly curated, luxury cruises and experiences available each year, members can go just about everywhere. Among the plethora of excursions, discover the hilltop villages and waterfalls of Sri Lanka on a 10-day adventure or embark on a 12-day expedition through the wild archipelago of the Arctic.

Misconception #5: Incentivized current members

As is the case with many other subscription programs, all Inspirato members are eligible to receive travel perks when participating in our referral program. Introducing others to Inspirato is the best way to help us grow, which also allows us to continue adding breathtaking properties to the portfolio and expand our destination reach for members to explore.

Is Inspirato worth it? Inspirato reviews from real members

Still wondering if Inspirato is worth it? Below are just a few blog posts, videos, and reviews from real members that highlight their positive experience with Inspirato.

In their recent Inspirato Pass review, Phil and Erin Lockwood, creators of the Always be Changing travel blog whom we mentioned above, share how their family of five has been traveling the globe over the past two years by taking dozens of trips through their Inspirato Pass membership.

During our first six months in the program, Inspirato provided so much value to our lifestyle that we added a second Pass subscription to our membership (additional Pass subscriptions are discounted) so that we could travel even more frequently. It’s never hit or miss with Inspirato.
The Lockwoods

Another Inspirato Passholder, Brian, created his own personal blog—Luxury Pass Review—that he dedicates to writing specifically about his positive experience with his Inspirato Pass membership. In his blog, he highlights the incredible value it adds for him and his family of four. His excitement for Inspirato Pass and getting the most out of his membership is evident.

Inspirato Pass is so much better than ever with its latest product update. With the increased flexibility that has been introduced, Pass is now more attractive to absolutely any prospective member who enjoys traveling well and is comfortable with the monthly subscription fee.

He then touches on a fundamental point of the added perks of being an Inspirato Pass subscriber by writing, “For whatever reason, if you find yourself unable to travel for some period of time, or just get excited about one of the offerings, Beyond Travel can be a fantastic way to utilize your Pass Days.” You can access the full blog post here.

Here is a video of real Inspirato member, Charlotte Walsh, describing her incredible experience with Inspirato Pass:

New Inspirato Pass member, Tim White, recently wrote an in-depth Inspirato review on his experience with Inspirato Pass. In his review, he notes, “You could argue that Inspirato is good for anyone who wants a luxury travel experience bundled into a monthly subscription, and that is absolutely true.”

And according to this in-depth Inspirato Pass review from The Points Guy, a travel website and blog that helps consumers figure out how to make the most of travel rewards programs and experiences, several Passholders are pleased with their Pass experiences thus far.

Inspirato luxury vacation home in Tortola, British West Indies overlooking the ocean.
Pass subscriber Mike Shaw was already an Inspirato member when he decided to add a Pass onto his membership. He’s already taken three trips, to Jackson Hole, the British Virgin Islands, andPark City. He appreciates the ease with which trips can be booked through the list, taking out the mental energy of coordinating an open-ended trip.

“With the flat fee you don’t have to evaluate whether this place is too much or, if you have more people, will that be too much for them?” Shaw said. “You can just look at what you want to do, where are those days available and what’s the most I can get?” What really sold him in the end: “What you pay versus what you would be having to pay.”

So, there you have it—a complete breakdown of Inspirato reviews from real members. Get started by creating a free account. Have more questions or want to learn more? Contact us at (888) 625-7525 or