How Does Inspirato Pass Work? Get the Most Out of Your Pass

With our product line continuously growingadding more possibilities of luxury travel through Inspiratowe’re here to show you howInspirato Pass works and how you can get more out of your membership. If you’re a new Passholder, or are considering purchasing a Pass subscription, we’re here to help you make the most of this exciting way to experience luxury travel. Here are six key components to learning how Inspirato Pass works and unlocking maximum Pass value. 

Inspirato Pass subscription pricing 

A Pass subscription includes a monthly fee of $2,550—this does not include the enrollment fee of $2,550. Our monthly Pass subscription includes all nightly rates, taxes, and fees for trips chosen from the Pass Trip List. It also covers a dedicated Care team, additional air travel booking privileges, and exclusive car rental services through our partner, Avis. 

Inspirato Pass Days 

Pass Days are a way of comparing different trips. Each reservation you book will put your Pass in use for a number of days where you won’t be able to make another reservation. However, once those days are complete, your Pass will be active again. Choose how many days you’re willing to wait to book your next reservation. 

Always have a trip booked 

The key to maximizing the value of your Pass subscription is to always keep your Pass in use. If you see something you like—or even might like—book it. You can cancel with no penalties up to three days prior to your trip start date. Learn more about the Inspirato Pass cancellation policy here. 

The best time to book 

If you can travel spontaneously, go for it— there’s always incredible Pass inventory available last minute. Looking for the perfect Inspirato home? Look for trips that begin within the next three months or so. If you want a trip longer than seven nights, consider looking 120+ days in the future. 

Define your search for the perfect luxury trip 

In the main navigation under Inspirato Pass, click “Browse” to find your next trip. With over 1.5 million Pass Trips to explore in 100+ destinations, we’ve created additional filters to help you decide what’s most important to you: length of stay, destination, property type, trip style (city, beach, mountain) or even how many Pass Days you’d like to use (up to your yearly Inspirato Pass maximum stay of 370 Pass Days). 

Discover more ways to use your Pass 

If you’re idea of getting more out of your Inspirato Pass subscription involves other, unique ways to travel, know that Passholders have access to more than just trips:  

  • Book any of our one-of-a-kind travel, spa, or culinary experiences. 
  • Embark on a nautical voyage around the world with luxury cruises from Inspirato or one of our incredible partners. 
  • Enjoy unique travel and curated experiences, as well as travel-related merchandise, with Beyond Travel. 
  • Grab tickets to top sporting events and concerts across the country.