When the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold in March, Inspirato’s Events team knew they had to brainstorm a way to bring members together in a time when they needed it most, without hosting their usual in-person events across the country.

“Our team shifted and wanted there to still be some interaction with members, that club aspect. We were following the trends that the world was shifting toward,” said Inspirato Events Lead Caroline Solak. “We really wanted members to still interact.”

Throughout April and May, the team pulled together a huge variety of virtual events for members to partake in. Catering to interests across the board, options included calligraphy; canvas painting; indigo dyeing; baking; cooking; wine tasting; cocktail making; photography; yoga; and a jazz night, among others.

“Rather than normal events in our backyard, members from all over the U.S. got to interact with each other,” said Inspirato Events Sr. Lead Lauren Marroquin. “A big priority for the activities was finding plenty that families could do together. Cooking classes, art classes—something to get their minds off of things and help them learn something new.”

Caroline loved the focus on family-friendly events, too

“We did a kids’ chocolate cake baking class that was so fun!” she said.

And the events transported members to other places, even though they couldn’t physically be there. A Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef from Versailles, for example, showed them the lights outside in Paris during her baking instruction—and then something special happened.

The fact that we got to be transported to Paris to make a puff pastry, but then got to see at 8:00 all of the Paris residents open windows and clap for the people on the front lines was amazing!

Jennifer StathisInspirato member

Almost 2,500 households participated in the 60-some virtual events. And even though life has begun to return to a sense of normalcy, Inspirato’s Events team will continue hosting virtual events based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback they’ve received.

Be sure to keep checking the official events page for more information on upcoming events; next month’s are set to be released on July 9, Caroline said. Members can look forward to familiar favorites like cooking and baking classes, with a few new events thrown into the mix.

And we hope the virtual events continue to be a way for members to connect, even when they can’t physically be together.

“Our in-person events were always in one city, so only folks who lived in that city could go,” said Marroquin “But now, anyone can attend and meet each other.”

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