There is special cause for celebration: Inspirato recently marked the fifth anniversary of its launch in 2011. To commemorate the occasion, we’re taking a look back at what Inspirato has achieved in its first half-decade – and looking forward to what’s next for the club – starting at the beginning.

“I remember the time well. We had a clear picture of what would matter most for our business,” said Inspirato founder and CEO Brent Handler. “We had a big idea – a carefully vetted collection of exceptional vacation options paired with unparalled service. We had a passionate team ready to build a new kind of luxury hospitality company. And we had a firm belief that we could make a difference in people’s lives.”

At Inspirato’s inception, the club offered two dozen hand-selected vacation options in six destinations. Five years and more than 14,000 members later, the Inspirato Collection now includes more than 700 vacation options in more than 150 destinations. Expect those numbers to keep rising as more travelers discover why Inspirato membership is the best way to experience the world.

“Inspirato will grow to meet member demand while adding new and exciting destinations and experiences. However, size is not the goal,” said Brad Handler, founder and chairman of the board. “Rather, a diverse set of options for members to choose from is our objective.”

With so many options to choose from, Inspirato hasn’t lost sight of its mission from day one: to inspire lasting memories and relationships each and every day.

“Inspirato’s greatest accomplishment is every time memories are made,” said Brad Handler. “Whether it is families sharing an unforgettable experience together in a residence, a romantic jaunt for a couple, or a friends’ weekend getaway; each experience is something special. Creating those memories is our greatest accomplishment.”

“I take a tremendous amount of pride in sharing Inspirato’s story with our investors and demonstrating why we are THE leading luxury hospitality company. It gives me an opportunity to take stock in everything that we’ve built in the last five years. It’s incredibly inspiring and humbling,” said David Kallery, Inspirato’s president. “We have hired innovative people, great leaders, developed an awesome culture, and built a great company. All of this is so critical to our ultimate objective: ensuring our member’s satisfaction with the club.”

So where does Inspirato see itself in the next five years? Providing even more curated vacation options as its loyal membership continues to expand.

“We’re going to be offering our members more global options and experiential travel opportunities than ever before,” said Brian Corbett, a fellow founder and Inspirato’s chief experience officer. “Our members are going to want to leverage their Member Services team to uncover exceptional values and learn how to book anything, anywhere. If you dream it, let us deliver it.”

As we look ahead to our next five years, here’s to focusing more on what matters most, whether in business, travel, or life. Cheers!

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