In August, a small group of Inspirato members and their guests set off on a five-day journey to explore the picturesque American West with the club during the Yellowstone and Grand Teton Adventure, an exclusive Inspirato Only experience.

Taylor Wilson, the Inspirato Experiences specialist who led the group along with wilderness experts from our partner, EXP Journeys, said there were so many highlights from the trip. Some of the members’ favorites were the comfoy campgrounds the group stayed in beneath the stars in Yellowstone, and the guided whitewater tour on the Snake River outside Jackson Hole.

“Everyone had fun going through the rapids and getting soaked, and some even jumped in for a swim during the calm times,” she said.

Inspirato member Barbie Myers loved the experience, too. The expertise of the EXP Journeys guides—plus Taylor’s own outdoors experience—made her feel at ease.

EXP Journeys was amazing! What a top-notch organization. These guys have serious game. They were always two steps ahead of us troubleshooting whatever could possibly be thrown our way. They are so knowledgeable about any and everything that has to with the outdoor adventure. I am so excited about all the future Inspirato experiences. What a great group of members and staff!

Barbie MyersInspirato member

Click through the slideshow to see a few of our favorite shots from the experience.

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Sad you missed out? The good news is we’ve got some exciting experiences coming up. (Hint: National parks are involved.) Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for some of 2021’s incredible offerings.

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