Laamu, Maldives

  • Applauded for 5-star hospitality, service, and accommodations, the Maldives is often recognized as “paradise on earth”.
  • The Maldives is a brilliant chain of islands comprised of 99% water. It’s located just south-west of Sri Lanka and India in the Indian Ocean.
  • Known for immaculate beaches, crystal clear waters, and an easy going affection, it’s no wonder the Maldives has become a popular honeymoon destination.
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Blue Lagoons and Coral Atolls

Far from the typical getaway, the intimate Indian Ocean islands that comprise the Maldives have become a coveted destination for travelers who appreciate a combination of rustic adventure and comfortable luxury. With Six Senses Laamu, we're thrilled to bring members a Maldives experience that caters to families. Located in the southern Maldives, Laamu is partially encircled by an atoll, or ring-shaped coral reef, creating a crystalline lagoon where kids can swim, snorkel, water ski and wakeboard in the calm waters. The entire family can set off in a speedboat for a day of island-hopping or float in a catamaran in the peaceful coves.

Quick Facts

  • Suggested Airport
    Male International Airport (MLE)
  • Currency
    Rufiyaa (MVR)
  • Climate
    Warm Tropical
  • Language
  • Required Documents
    Passport and Visa

Fresh Things to Do

Featured Activity

  • World-Class SCUBA Diving

    An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef surrounding a lagoon. Closest to your accommodations is Laamu Atoll and the visibility in its crystalline waters is superb. You'll have the opportunity to spot rare marine species here. Top dive spots include Reef Dives, Kandus, Thilas and Wrecks. There are options for an early morning dive that will have you back in time for breakfast, a night dive in which new species come out to play and even a full-day excursion that includes lunch.

    Reef Dives. This is a great excursion for beginners. Abundant marine life lives amongst the coral surrounding the Maldives.

    Kandus. Because it's a breeding ground for plankton, manta rays and whale sharks can be spotted in these channels between islands.

    Thilas. Caves and crevices comprise these coral mountain-like formations. You'll likely see reef fish.

    Wrecks. History nerds will love the handful of wreck sites accessible to divers. With permission from the local government, your diving outfitter can lead you to these underwater stories.

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Travel Tips


  • Forecasting your Maldives Vacation

    The Maldives is nothing short of paradise. Located just north of the equator, the islands are blessed with near-perfect tropical weather throughout the year. As with any island destination, be aware of monsoon season, which generally brings bursts of heavy rain and wind out of the southwest from May through November. However, these storms are usually punctuated by abundant sunshine and clear skies.


Map of Laamu, Maldives

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