Sonoma County, California

Inspirato offers more than a dozen Sonoma County homes, all ideally located for a wine country vacation. Villa Vigneto, just 2 miles outside the town of Sonoma, provides easy access to the town’s quaint shops and restaurants, whereas Villa Della Luna is situated high above the valley in the Mayacamas Mountains, offering sweeping views of the Sonoma Valley. The contemporary Winner’s Circle property is surrounded by acres of vineyards in the Russian River Valley.

Both Vintner’s Cottage and Zin Estate feature on-site wineries with immersive experiences steps away from your front door. French-inspired Vintner’s Cottage provides an Old World retreat, while modern farmhouse Zin Estate showcases casual elegance. We have three suites at Wheelman House Healdsburg, less than a block from Healdsburg Plaza, featuring upscale restaurants, boutiques, and tasting rooms.

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Keep Calm and Order Wine

In casual and temperate Wine Country, we're giving our members a unique suggestion: get inside. Sonoma County with Inspirato means private winery tours with leading vintners, all arranged by your Destination Concierge. And it's not just exclusive indoor venues; it's inside access, too. Reservations already made for hot air ballooning by day and fine dining by night, vintners coming to your private residence for an in-home tasting with friends, and even an in-home massage, if you so desire. Remember that your next vacation to Sonoma will go far beyond the sun-dappled hills. In the casual climes of Sonoma County, we'll add a side of sophistication.

Quick Facts

  • Suggested Airports
    San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Oakland International Airport (OAK)
  • Average High Temperature
    85°F Summer/58°F Winter
  • Harvest Season
    September to November
  • Acres of Vineyards

Fresh Things To Do

Featured Activity

  • Wine Country by Foot

    The hiking trails in this area offer a charming preview of Wine Country's quaint ecosystem, juxtaposed to the expansive Mayacama Mountain Range. Enjoy trickling brooks and high vistas with scenic overlooks of the valley below. Get a glimpse of Mount Saint Helena as well as the coastal range far beyond the rolling hills of the valley. There are countless vistas with the natural grandeur and picture-perfect Kodak moments that make hiking through this area a must on your trip to Wine Country.

    Our Favorite Hikes

    A few of our favorite places to explore include the Petrified Forest in Calistoga and The Valley of the Moon near Santa Rosa. Three hundred million years ago when nearby Mount Saint Helena erupted, the ash settlement created a blanket of volcanic debris that led to the eventual petrification of redwoods, seashells, clams and other marine life, creating the Petrified Forest. Such petrified fossils led researchers and scientists to believe the area was ocean floor when the eruption occurred.

    Today, the area still contains hundreds of examples of beautiful petrified wood and other organic remnants, adding a diverse aspect to a beautiful day of hiking. Another great area is The Valley of the Moon, which is sandwiched between the Mayacama Mountains and the Sonoma Mountain range. You'll discover some of the most breathtaking scenery and many different levels of hiking trails with access to regional and state parks. 

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Wine Country Travel Tips

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  • Inspirato in Sonoma

    The Inspirato Member vacation in Sonoma, California includes all the best that Wine Country has to offer. From private tours of historic vineyards to chef-prepared meals, the experiences are as luxurious as the residences you can call home.

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  • Forecasting Your Wine Country Vacation

    Many consider Wine Country's climate ideal, with winter chill and summer heat moderated by nearby bodies of water. Summers are warm during the day and cool at night, and springtime is moderate and breezy. Low humidity helps the warmer seasons feel fresh and dry. Fall can bring unexpected heat waves, and winter is undoubtedly crisp.


Map of Sonoma County, California

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