How a Pass Subscriber Uses Inspirato Pass to Travel for Business and Pleasure

With a growing portfolio of luxury vacation homes and other incredible travel options, Inspirato offers the perfect solution for getting away with the ones you love. But it’s also a great way to help business owners use Inspirato travel to motivate and reward their employees.

Inspirato Pass subscriber Martha Shaughnessy recently shared her experience using the club to help build a culture of appreciation at her 20-person communications firm in San Francisco at a virtual event.

Martha’s original reason for joining Inspirato was purely personal—she was looking for a partner to help her family of six vacation more easily. As she puts it, “I just got to the point where planning family trips had become more stressful than it was fun.” And since first joining in 2018, she has enjoyed dozens of memorable vacations in Inspirato destinations like Maui, Tuscany, and Sonoma—including one unforgettable trip where her onsite concierge team helped her evacuate due to wildfires.

From there, Martha next began to rely on Inspirato as her partner for team offsites. Instead of gathering with her staff in sterile hotel meeting rooms, she now hosts them at spacious Inspirato residences with ample outdoor spaces and private pools—8,270-square-foot Winner’s Circle is one of her favorites. She particularly values the assistance of the club’s expert onsite concierge teams for those events to help coordinate reservations, pre-arrival grocery shopping, and private chefs, similar to how this Pass subscriber experienced certainty with Inspirato.

She also quickly realized that she could also use Inspirato travel as an incentive to reinforce the special culture she had built at her PR agency—specifically, by rewarding employees with Inspirato trips to help ensure they knew how much she appreciated them. As she notes, a trip provides them with an experience they simply couldn’t arrange for themselves.

Culture is a really big piece of what we focus on. … To really recognize a job well done or an anniversary or other different moment where I want to show appreciation for my team, being able to send them on a trip is of significantly higher value.
Martha Shaughnessy

After three years, Martha has now perfected the art of using Inspirato Pass to travel for both personal and business purposes, with a combined 40 trips booked so far. Ultimately, no matter how she’s using the club, what she appreciates most is that, “With Inspirato, you have a team that’s got your back, making sure that the quality of the experience is always up to snuff.” Understand how to use Pass in this all-new guide to Inspirato Pass to travel for business and pleasure yourself.

Watch our entire interview with Martha here.